Estate Argyros Vinsanto 4 Υears Βarrel Αged | PDO Santorini Naturally Sweet White Wine Assyrtiko Aidani Athiri (2012) 500ml | Estate Argyros

Estate Argyros Vinsanto 4 Years Barrel Aged 13.5%alc., Still, Naturally Sweet White Wine, Assyrtiko, Aidani, Athiri, PDO Santorini - Estate Argyros

Code: G09100000000515

VINSANTO 4 years barrel aged

Vinsanto is the naturally sweet wine, made only by white sundried grapes. Vinsanto 4 years barrels aged is the blend of 80% Assyrtiko, 10% Aidani and 10% Athiri.

Honey color, with flavors of dried fruits, appricot, orange zest and herbs. Balanced acidity and long aftertaste

Ideal pairing: Foie gras, homemade fruit pies and creamy desserts (crème brullee, cheese-cake).

Ideal temperature at 6-8 °C

This wine will age effortlessly for the decades to come 30 years

Among several gold medals in international competitions the Estate Argyros Vinsanto 4 years barrel aged was the best wine in show at Thessaloniki International Wine Competition and was rated with 95/100 Robert Parker points at Wine Advocate.

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