Balsamic Cream Glaze with Orange 200ml | Organic Vegan No Added Sugar | V4Vita

Organic Balsamic Cream Glaze with Orange, 100% Natural Product, Perfect for Grilled Vegetables, Fresh Green Salads, Meat Marinades, Various Kinds of Cheese, No Added Sugar, Vegan - V4Vita

Code: G09100000005518
Barcode: 5200413900088

Balsamic Cream Glaze with Orange BIO 200ml V4VITA

Orange-Balsamic Glaze by v4vita gives you the opportunity to experience new, fascinating tastes. A 100% natural product, made from condensed white grape must, oranges and vinegar, distinguished by the excellent aroma of Cretan white grape varieties. Use it to garnish all your dishes and taste its unique orange flavor on fresh green salads, roasted meat, fish, desserts etc.!

PackagingGlass Bottle 200ml
CatergoriesVinegar - Condiments