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Theopetra Estate White 13%alc., Still, Dry Wine, Malagouzia, Assyrtiko, PGI Meteora - Tsililis Winery

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Barcode: 5202548507057

Theopetra Estate White

VARIETY : Malagouzia, Assyrtiko

TYPE : Still Dry White



Organic wine made from grapes of the Greek varieties Malagouzia and Assyrtiko.

Prefermentative maceration and alcoholic fermentation at low temperatures offer a wine with bright lemon-green color, fresh aromas of pineapple, mango, tangerine and peach, sweet aromas of biscuit and hints of fresh mint.On the palate, it is characterized by refreshing acidity, round body, fresh fruity flavors and long herbal finish.

Paired well with fish and seafood, salads, white meat, fruits or drunk on its own.


Wines from organically grown grapes in the family’s vineyards of THEOPETRA ESTATE. Wines that highlight the terroir of Meteora and the vision of the Tsililis family to revive the local vineyard with respect for people and the environment.

THEOPETRA ESTATE is the Tsililis family’s vineyard. The vineyards of the estate extend around the prehistoric cave of Theopetra at the foothills of Meteora Rocks, belonging to Protected Geographical Indication Meteora.

Here, in the Cave of Theopetra, there were found the first traces of human presence in Greece and scientists discovered, among other things, grape seeds from the Middle Paleolithic era, proving the ancient coexistence of this place with the vine and the wine. During the Byzantine era, the sacred vine cultivation and evolution of winemaking passed into the hands of monks of the sacred Rocks, creating a long tradition of wine culture at the region.

The mystery of Meteora passes to the wine through a particular terroir, a rare composition of soil and the continental climate, making the region an eternal cradle of production of wines with character and of high quality.

Nowadays, the Tsililis family has created an icon winery in order to highlight the particularity of the region, revive rare Greek varieties and combine them with international high quality grape varieties which are both grown in accordance with the principles of organic agriculture.

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Grape VarietyMalagouzia,Assyrtiko
PackagingGlass Bottle 750ml
ThessalyPGI Meteora
EU Protection MarkPGI - Protected Geographical Indication
Alcoholic Strength13%

Paired well with fish and seafood, salads, white meat, fruits or drunk on its own.