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Organic Hemp Flour, Gluten Free, Healthy, High in Fiber and Protein, Omega 6 and 3 Fatty Acids, Made from Hemp Seeds - Kannabio

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Organic Hemp Flour – 250gr

Healthy protein-rich nutrition. Add hemp flour to your day for a well-rounded diet.

Description: KANNABIO organic hemp flour is 100% natural, organic and produced in Greece, in Kokkina, Magnesia. Made from hemp seeds (Cannabis sativa L., THC<0.2%) Fedora 17 variety, 2019 harvest.

Cold pressed hemp seeds are milled in the facility of Prasino Agroktima (Krya Vrysi).

Properties: Gluten free, high in fiber and protein. This flour also contains omega 6 and 3 fatty acids in their ideal ratio.

One of the rare foods that contains omega 6 with GLA, a fatty acid form considered especially beneficial for the body.

It also contains a full range of amino acids including all essential amino acids, which the body cannot metabolize on its own, in favorable proportions.

Use: KANNABIO organic hemp flour is an ideal addition for breakfast, in cooking or baking, adding beneficial proteins and fibre from the hemp seeds.

Hemp flour does not rise and should be mixed with other flours in any baking recipe up to 25%. Ideal for cereal bars, pizzas, crepes, croutons, cake, juices, shakes etc. Dark in colour and more granular in texture than grain flour, hemp flour is nutritious, flavorful, easily digestible and a hearty source of energy.

A good option for those with allergies to nuts, dairy products, gluten or wheat.

Certifications: Organic Agriculture [(ΕΚ) 834/2007 BIO HELLAS GR-BIO-03 2019-000000028159]. Processing-Packaging at Prasino Agroktima (Krya Vrysi).