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Organic Hemp Frumenty, Traditional Greek Pasta with Organic Hard Wheat, Handmade, Vegan Hemp Milk from Seeds, Organic Hemp Flour - Kannabio

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Vegan Organic Hemp Frumenty – 300 gr

A flavor from Greece full of history, memories, tradition and that unique feeling of a homemade meal. A journey to the past.

Description: A traditional Greek product made by hand with organic hard wheat of the traditional “Lemnos” variety, handmade vegan hemp milk from seeds, KANNABIO organic hemp flour, with extra aromas thanks to the addition of KANNABIO organic hemp buds

A delicious and textured meal with a full flavor accented by aromatic notes, and offering all the nutritional elements of hemp.

Ingredients: Organic hemp seeds, organic hemp buds, organic hard wheat; “Lemnos” variety, organic hemp seed flour, salt.

Prepared in Modi (Volos) for KANNABIO. All flours come from organically grown plants in Kokkina, Magnesia.

The hemp flour is from hemp seed (Cannabis sativa L.,) Fedora 17 variety, 2019 harvest.

Hemp seeds are cold pressed and milled at the facility Prasino Agroktima (Krya Vrysi).

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