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Kasteel Tripel 11%alc., Blond Tripel Beer, Mild Taste, Frothy, Exquisite Aroma, Mixture of Noble Malts and Hops - Van Honsebrouck

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Kasteel Tripel

Kasteel Tripel is a West Flemish tripel through and through, enriched with Belgian hops. The outstanding mixture of noble malts and hops lend this tripel an exquisite aroma and a particularly mild taste.

Originally this beer was called Kasteel Blond, until the brewery chose to produce a new blond variety with a lower alcohol volume. This was then named Kasteel Blond whereas the original brew was re-baptised Kasteel Tripel. The Kasteel Tripel also serves as the basic beer for “Trignac”: the first Tripel matured in brandy barrels.

Kasteel Tripel is a glossy beer with a crystal-clear golden color. When poured correctly it will reward you with a voluptuous frothy head. It is brewed using malt, maize, sugar, (Belgian) hops, yeast, and water.

TYPE: Abbey Style Tripel

COLOR: Blond Tripel

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TypeBelgian Ale
PackagingGlass Bottle 750ml
Alcoholic Strength10% - 14%
CatergoriesBeverages - Liqueurs