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Karmeliet 8%alc., Golden Belgian Beer, Tripel Karmeliet Blends of Barley, Oats and Wheat, Refined yet Balanced with Soft Fruity Notes and a Surprisingly Delicate Taste - Brewery Bosteels

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Sample with all your senses

Tripel Karmeliet is a classic golden Belgian Tripel with a distinct character from the use of three grains.

Appearance: Rich and refined deep Golden colour with a creamy white foam

Aroma: Very refined & complex; with hints of vanilla mixed with herbs and citrus

Flavour: A medium-bodied beer that is delicately warming. There is a freshness from the wheat and a creamy mouthfeel from the oats. Rich notes and soft sweetness of lemon cake join with hints of coriander seed and hay and a quinine-like dryness on the finish.

ABV: 8.%

The perfect serve

Serving temperature: 6-9ºC

Continue pouring in the centre of the glass bringing the glass almost to a vertical stand.

If too little froth forms while pouring bring the bottle a little higher.

Ideally served, the head must cover from the top of the lilies to the brim of the glass. Leave approximately 5mm of beer in the bottle (which contains a yeast deposit). If you want, you can add the yeast deposit yourself afterwards

The Story



Tripel Karmeliet is a labour of love. Of patience. Of passion. For over 7 generations we have worked tirelessly, continuously perfecting our craft to create this singular award winning beer.

Brewed using a 3-grain recipe rediscovered from the 1679 Carmelite monastery, Tripel Karmeliet blends nature’s gifts of barley, oats and wheat to produce a multi-layered tripel, refined yet balanced, with soft fruity notes and a surprisingly delicate taste.

This timeless beer is the embodiment of our relentless pursuit of beauty.

This is Tripel Karmeliet.

7 Generations, 3 Grains, 1 Recipe.

TypeGolden Ale
PackagingGlass Bottle 750ml
Alcoholic Strength7% - 10%
CatergoriesBeverages - Liqueurs