Fischer Tradition 650ml | Lager Beer | Fischer

Fischer Tradition 6.5%alc., Lager Beer, Intense Taste of Cereals, Hot Malt Notes, Light Bitterness, 100% Alsatian Aromatic Hops- Fischer

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Fischer Tradition

Blond beer with an intense taste of cereals, with hot malt notes and a light bitterness, Fischer Tradition is the fruit of the purest Alsatian brewing tradition. This beer is certified with its 100% Alsatian aromatic hops.

Tasting Notes

Color : Beer is golden in color with copper shimmering and a pleasant frothy cap.

Taste : The taste of medium-density beer is soft enough, with strong carbonation, light fruit notes, herbal hints of hops, salty and lemon nuances.

Aroma : The aroma of beer is filled with hints of bread, pleasant fruit notes, floral nuances.

Gastronomy : Beer is well combined with snacks, snacks, sandwiches, pizza, fish and white meat dishes.

PackagingGlass Bottle 650ml
Alcoholic Strength5% - 7%
CatergoriesBeverages - Liqueurs