The Clumsies Aegean Negroni No5 I Original Cocktail 200ml | The Clumsies

Aegean Negroni No5, Original Cocktail, The Clumsies Old Tom Gin, Vermouth, Bitter Amaro, with Extract of Fennel, Diktamon and Essential Oil of Lemon, Orange, Bitter Orange Oil - The Clumsies

Code: G09100000004825
Barcode: 5203156010427

Aegean Negroni No5

The Clumsies Old Tom Gin 25%, Vermouth, Bitter Amaro 25%, fennel extract, diktamon extract, essential oil lemon, essential oil orange, essential oil bitter orange oil

Created by world renowned bar The Clumsies

The Clumsies Guide to Drinking

1. Anyone can pour one.

2. All you need is in this bottle.

3. Serve in an Old Fashioned glass with ice cubes.

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Alocoholic Strength10% - 25%
PackagingGlass Bottle 200ml