Our Philosophy

in ancient Greek means the highest point, the top.

A brand name chosen to reflect our main principles and philosophy.
In akros food we carefully choose the top Greek producers and, by using the top tools of interactive technology, we provide you only with the best Greek products delivered directly at your door!

But to get to the top… you have to start from the roots!
And, the roots of healthy and tasty Mediterranean diet, are Greek.
Greek Mediterranean Diet has been worldwide recognised for its health-promoting attributes and beneficial properties, as proven by studies undertaken since the 60’s.

Here, in akros.gr, we share the profound secret of the tasty Greek Mediterranean diet with the world. It’s the unique combination of the traditional agricultural practices, the modern production techniques, the soil and the micro-climates of Greek land that bring to life food products with an exquisite, tempting taste.

We made it easy and fun for you to choose and combine the top products of our rich Greek culinary tradition. Once you taste them, you can never forget them!

Welcome to akros world!