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Akros is an online platform that hosts and promotes many Greek food and drink producers, based on the model and standards of the globally established multi-vendor e-Commerce marketplace platforms. It is a well organised service system that helps modern F&B managers make their supplies quickly, easily and efficiently. It is the ultimate procurement tool that provides a more rational stock and cash liquid assets control, complying with the current market requirements in Greece of the economic crisis.

Why at


1.It offers access to a wide variety of standardized Greek foods and beverages from a large network of producers throughout Greece, in small and large packages.

2.It offers quality: the products proposed (whether they are well-known brands or products from smaller producers) are produced from pure raw materials, without chemical preservatives, additives or flavor enhancers, with emphasis on the use of indigenous varieties and the authenticity of the taste.

3.It's flexible! The platform serves any order size, even one piece of item. This way, the professional can keep a small stock, without being stressed about the expiration dates and always offering fresh products at his/her shelters.

4.It's simple! Through a modern IT environment, user friendly and familiar, orders are made easily and quickly, either electronically or by phone.

5.It's fast! Orders for most items are delivered immediately.

6.It's modern! The globally recognized Mediterranean dietary model is now the new trend in modern food market and is associated with Greek foods and drinks that have unique features (color, aroma, taste, texture).

7.It's cost-efficient! The value-for-money relationship is the basis of the philosophy. And offers the most qualitative choices at the best possible price.

8.It's safe! Packaging is designed in detail for correct, fast and safe product delivery.

9.It offers products that ensure a strong differentiation in the product mix of a store as they are innovative, extraordinary, highly diversified products from inspired producers who blend in a unique way the tradition and knowledge of the past with modern nutritional needs and trends.

10. It offers knowledge and expertise: Through a modern electronic platform, each professional can get detailed information and advice on products, producers, production processes, ask questions, find recipes etc. from a specialized team of collaborators/consultants of

11. Support: has an organized Sales and Marketing Department. Sales consultants may visit you at your place for training and advice, solve queries, confront any issues, etc.
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We are a retailer partner as we provide services that help reduce operating costs, improve liquid assets and return on investment.

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akros in ancient Greek means edge, the highest point
and it marks the transition from the partial and the limited to the total and the unlimited.