9 1 reasons to visit akros.gr and shop specialty Greek food and beverages

1. Uniqueness

We offer Greek food and beverages with unique organoleptic characteristics (color, aroma, taste, texture) that you’ll love.

2. Naturalness

We offer food and beverages free of chemical agents, preservatives or additives.

3. Authenticity

We emphasize on the indigenous varietals and species, on the authenticity of taste, on the evolution of the traditional cultivation and preparation methods.

4. Variety

We believe that Greece is a "blessed" land.
The special geomorphology, the intense contrasts, the different microclimatic conditions create diverse ecosystems with great natural wealth. With a simple word: biodiversity.

5. High nutritional value

The mild cultivation practices and the light processing methods have a direct impact on the product quality. Each product retains all its natural characteristics and nutritional benefits. All this that consist the nutritious and health qualities of the Mediterranean Diet!
So you can enjoy the very best!

6. Novelty

Global culinary and nutritional trends have inspired the Greek producers. Greek food today is a happy marriage between time-honored tradition and innovation.

7. Reasonable prices

We wish to offer you the best value for money. And bring added value to your purchases.

8. Sustainability

Sustainability is of vital importance for us.
By selecting products of the featured suppliers and producers, we all contribute to the sustainable environmental, economic and social growth.

9. Natural Environment

We support all the local farmers, bakers, fishermen, mushroom hunters, animal breeders, cheesemakers, small cottage industries, who apply mild cultivation or processing methods and respect both the environment and the human.
The absolute delight!
Greek dining is life, pure joy and sharing! Let’s experience the best of Greece!
akros in ancient Greek means edge, the highest point.
And it symbolizes the passage from the partial & limited to the global & unlimited.