Del Professore Gin Crocodile 700ml | Del Professore

Del Professore Gin Crocodile 45% alc, Fresh, Full-bodied Gin with Intense Notes of Juniper and Citrus with Exotic Spice, Vanilla and Elderflower - Del Professore

Κωδικός: G09100000004374

Gin Crocodile is a new experience within the Del Professore adventure. This is a fresh and forthright gin packed with intense juniper and citrus aromas complemented by delicate hints of coriander, elderflower and Jamaican pepper (Allspice). Full on the palate, it is gently softened by notes of vanilla and other exotic spices.


Wild juniper berries, citrus, coriander, elderflower and Jamaican peppercorns.

VOL 45% | CL 70

ΠαραγωγόςDel Professore
ΚατηγορίαWorld Gin
Αλκοολικός Τίτλος45% - 50%
ΣυσκευασίαΓυάλινη Φιάλη 700ml