Essence of Cyclades | Products and Flavors of the Cycladic Islands | Cyclades Chamber of Commerce

Over 350 photographs, 60 local recipes and 600 traditional products celebrating timeless culinary tradition of the Cyclades islands.

Κωδικός: G09100000003597
Barcode: 9786188247413
This is not yet another cookery book.
It is an initiation into the experience of Cycladic life through food, the main ingredient of human survival, as it developed over the more than three and a half thousand years of recorded history of the islands, becoming an integral part of their cultural heritage.
The book provides a guide to the past and present reality of the Cycladic diet. it is a tool for all those who wish to have a complete Cycladic experience, part of which is the local gastronomy. A gastronomy which evolves and renews itself to create the future.
In its 302 pages and 20 chapters you shall discover the culinary traditions of the Cycladic islands and lots of useful information on: Bakery products and pasta; herbs and wild greens; dairy and cheese; confectionery; fruit, vegetables and pulses; olives and olive oil; wine and alcoholic beverages; bees and honey; Pig slaughtering (choirosfagia), cold cuts and meat; Fish and seafood.
The 350 photographs that illustrate the text, the 50 authentic recipes, as well as their local variations, and the over 600 entries referring to products, production methods and
culinary traditions of the islands -at least 100 local cheeses are described and compared-, bring  out the aromas, the flavor and the culinary essence of the Cycladic islands.
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