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Cotswolds London Dry Gin 46%alc., Non-Chill Filtered, Fruity and Spicy, Made from Wheat Spirit and Nine Botanicals Including Lavender, Grapefruit, Lime, Black Pepper and Cardamom Seed - Cotswolds

Κωδικός: G09100000005380


Our Cotswolds Dry Gin is a delectable blend of nine carefully-considered botanicals, including lavender from here in the Cotswolds and freshly-peeled pink grapefruit and lime zest. We use over 10 times the amount of botanicals to make our gin, which is why a beautiful pearlescent cloud appears when ice or tonic is added. Garnish your Cloudy G&T with a fresh slice of pink grapefruit and a bay leaf for the ultimate perfect serve.

The finest ingredients

Quality – it’s what the nine carefully selected botanicals that go into our gin all have in common. Juniper berries, coriander seed and angelica root form the classic foundation for our London Dry-style Gin. We then add Cotswolds lavender from nearby Snowshill and bay leaves. The citrus element comes from freshly-peeled lime and pink grapefruit zest - unusually we use fresh peels rather than dried because of the greater quantity of essential oils. This entails peeling several hundred limes and grapefruits per week, by hand! The final botanicals are cardamom seed and black peppercorn, to give a hint of spice. Tough work, but totally worth it for the vibrant flavours and rich mouthfeel that make our gin stand out from the crowd.

Tasting notes

Nose: Fresh notes of grapefruit with earthy coriander backed-up by sweet, piney juniper. A hint of perfumed Cotswolds lavender.

Palate: Clean, pine juniper spice with fresh citrussy grapefruit. A touch of dryness from the angelica root, with eucalyptus notes from bay leaf. Subtle lime and lavender.

Finish: Clean and balanced. Juniper, citrus and some cooling notes from bay leaf and cardamom.

Lovingly crafted

Quantity matters. We put about 10x the average volume of botanicals used to make most premium gins in our copper pot still. This process creates the richest possible flavours and mouthfeel due to the high proportion of essential oils and botanical extract. These flavour-rich oils are the reason our gin goes from clear to cloudy when tonic or ice is added. The pearlescent glow, also known as a ‘louche’, happens because we choose not to chill-filter our gin to remove the oils as this would reduce the rich flavour and mouthfeel.

What do we mean by purity? It’s what we throw away that makes what we keep so special. The slower we run the stills and the more heads and tails (unpleasant beginning and end of the run) we discard, the purer the gin will taste. Our 'heart cut' is rested for 5 days to allow the flavours to marry. The only thing added before bottling is demineralised water to reduce the strength. This process, known as ‘single-shot distillation’, creates a superior gin. We never 'stretch' the batch by adding more neutral spirit (known as 'multi-shot'), so the gin we distil is the gin you drink.

Serving suggestions

Delicious sipped over ice, this gin also stands up very well to tonic. For the perfect Cloudy G&T, fill a large balloon glass with ice, pour over a generous measure of gin, top with a splash of classic tonic water - watch the cloud appear! Garnish with a slice of pink grapefruit and a fresh bay leaf.

Or why not try it in a cocktail?

ΚατηγορίαLondon Gin
Αλκοολικός Τίτλος45% - 50%
ΣυσκευασίαΓυάλινη Φιάλη 200ml